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Do carbohydrates make you fat?

Do carbohydrates make you fat? By Fahad Maniar   Ah, Carbohydrates. The poor new victim of our society hat likes to demonize things in isolation. You’ve probably heard it before, “I’m cutting carbs right now” or “No carbs before marbs” so I wanted to write a short article to shed some light onto this with […]

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1 CRAZY tip to exercise less and get better results

Force Multiplier,noun [ C ] /ˈfɔːs ˌmʌl.tɪ.plaɪ.ər/ – in military usage, refers to an attribute or a combination of attributes that dramatically increases (hence “multiplies”) the effectiveness of an item or group, giving a given number of troops (or other personnel) or weapons (or other hardware) the ability to accomplish greater things than without … Okay, so […]

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Workout nutrition made simple

Workout nutrition made simple By Fahad Maniar Fuel your workouts, aid your recovery and get your goals faster with our guide to workout nutrition made simple! Introduction The food you eat serves many purposes but the most important reason we eat is for energy to do day to day activities and to survive. Calories are […]

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