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The fitness trifecta

Ever wanted to ask a fitness expert a question that you’ve been burning to ask? Well here’s your chance! Ever since I started asking people what their questions were on Facebook, we’ve decided to launch the “Ask an expert” segment on our blog. This is your chance to ask one of our expert coaches a […]

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7 Fitness Hacks to Boost Productivity

7 Fitness hacks to save time and money. As a busy business owner who is dedicated to his clients, my own fitness and of course, my family, I am looking for any way to make my life easier and more productive. I have found that I am most productive in coffee bars and can get most […]

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The “Dadbod”

A quick blog post from me today. So, I recently came across the term “DadBod’ – It is that doughy like body type that most men in their mid 30’s + experience especially post fatherhood. I did a google search for dad bod and this was one of the images I found of Holywood stalwart, Leonard […]

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