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7 tips to get in shape for summer!

Team Fighting Fit presents The Summer Beach Body Project By Fahad Maniar – Head Coach 7 steps to ensure you are in the best shape for your summer holiday this year and have more confidence without feeling like a sack of spuds! The clocks have gone forward, there’s a little more sunshine every now and […]

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How to make Indian Food healthy

It’s ironic that the national British dish is now accepted to be a good old Indian curry and a recent statistic posted in national press stated that the average British male can not go two weeks without getting their curry fix. The curry gets a lot of bad press for being responsible for the ever […]

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Happy New Year 2016

Happy new year from all of us at Team Fighting Fit and Valkyrie Lifestyle Design! The New Year is a fantastic time for reflection and setting goals but above all, it’s a time for a fresh start. I heard a quote yesterday that said, “You now have 365 blank pages in the book of the […]

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Christmas Fitness Survival Guide

Book a FREE discovery session Sticking to your health goals this Christmas can be tricky but this guide aims to help you enjoy the festive period whilst helping you stay on track with your fitness goals! The average British person consumes a massive 7000 calories on Christmas day. This is almost more than 3 times […]

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Does cardio burn muscle?

“Hey aerobics, the 1980s called and they want you back!” That seems to be the mantra around the health and fitness circles these days. A lot of coaches, athletes and experts seem to be labelling Aerobic activity such as jogging on the treadmill as an exercise that should be a thing of the past. I […]

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Glutes – They’re not just about looking good

Your glutes aren’t just the muscles that make your bum look nice in a pair of jeans or something you sit down on, They’re actually very important muscles, some regard them as the most important muscle in the body. When you look at the function of the glute muscles (the gluteals, i.e. the gluteus maximus, […]

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