Blog | Team Fighting Fit - Part 5

Does cardio burn muscle?

β€œHey aerobics, the 1980s called and they want you back!” That seems to be the mantra around the health and fitness circles these days. A lot of coaches, athletes and experts seem to be labelling Aerobic activity such as jogging on the treadmill as an exercise that should be a thing of the past. I […]

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Are eggs healthy?

What’s the deal with eggs? Nature’s perfect food or evil artery clogging device conspired by chickens to rid the world of the human race? Well, it’s kind of funny how things go. One minute things are good for you, then they’re bad then all of a sudden they’re good again and that’s the case with […]

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Glutes – They’re not just about looking good

Your glutes aren’t just the muscles that make your bum look nice in a pair of jeans or something you sit down on, They’re actually very important muscles, some regard them as the most important muscle in the body. When you look at the function of the glute muscles (the gluteals, i.e. the gluteus maximus, […]

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